Villa Scarfantoni, built around 1875, is reborn to new life and now houses a restaurant and an elegant Relais Bed and Breakfast. Route the long driveway, you enter the park, famous for its magnolias, where there are a bright lemon house and a chapel dedicated to the Holy Family. The huge main door leads to the main floor of the villa, where every guest is welcomed as the noble owner of the house.

Cerimonies and Meeting

Villa Scarfantoni, thanks to its structure, the modulation of the spaces both internal and external, and the various collaborations of which can use, is able to cut to measure events for every need, to be structured together with the customer: from classic ceremonies such as weddings, christenings, communions, birthdays, going to any other type of event.

The property is ideal for conferences, business meetings, parties and crowdfunding and also as a temporary art gallery. You can reserve the whole villa or individual rooms as well the lemon house adjacent to the main structure.During the summer months, the villa's park is also available for evening music and cultural events in general.

Our philosophy

We believe that the modern businessman who has to spend the night, as the young couple who is getting married, or the artist who has to present its collection, are all looking for a new experience: we like to really talk about experiential tourism.

Far, therefore, that standardization and coldness of modern hotels, but also by the exaggerated simplicity of alternative solutions, we want to offer an experience of living and unique festival, rejuvenating and unforgettable, reviving each guest's luxurious and elegant atmosphere of nineteenth-century nobility, in a young and trendy environment, enhanced with all modern amenities and attentive service, impeccable and, above all, made-to-measure.